Inflatable Rules and Regulations

-Adult supervision is required at all times.

-Absolutely NO food, drink, candy, animals, confetti, silly string, etc. are to be inside the bounce house.

-A cleaning fee of $75 will be added if we find that any of these items have been allowed during your rental of the unit.

-There will be a minimum charge of $25 for lost, stolen, or damaged games, straps, tarps, etc.

-No one should enter an inflatable unit wearing cross-body purses, jewelry, shoes, or glasses. By no means should anyone be carrying any sharp objects, including anything in their pockets as well.

-No water unless you rented a slide specifically for wet use.

-No horseplay, roughness, cartwheels, stunts, wrestling or any other behavior that could lead to physical injury of yourself or others.

-Do not play or tamper with the blower assembly, air hoses, or disconnect the electricity after the bounce unit is up and in use.

-If rain is forecasted for the time that your event is scheduled, then you will be given a rain check voucher for a later date.

-High Winds: We reserve the right to cancel the rental if the wind is above 15 mph. High winds can move inflatables and cause damage and injury. We care about your safety above all!

-If wind gusts exceed 15 miles per hour, or it starts to rain during the rental period, immediately STOP participants from bouncing and have them exit the unit. Turn the blower motor off after everyone safely exits. Then wait for the weather to subside.

-Once the wind or rain has stopped you may turn the blower back on and dry the entire unit off with towels, before letting any bouncers back into the unit.

-Slides are SINGLE SLIDER ONLY, on your bottom, feet first.
Do not jump from the top of slides to the bottom.
Do not allow children to ride on laps down slides. Single sliders only!

-Do not move our equipment once we have setup. This increases risk of accidents and voids our insurance!

Example: Do not move the unit from the front yard to the back yard after we have set up in the front yard. Our equipment can only be set up or moved by our trained employees.

Thank you so much for your understanding that we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time!